Monday, 28 September 2015


Problem arises when the immune system of a person is not at its optimum level to keep the body healthy and functions normally as a whole system. This factor is caused by the lacking of energy in the immune system for it to do its work. 

The immune system has 4 main tasks, namely:-

1. Cleaning System: 

a. To clean and remove dirt and foreign materials in the body, especially in the blood.

2. Management System: 

a. Manage and ensure the material to be removed from the body is channeled to the right place for the disposal processes.

b. Managing the distributions power to each body's system accordingly.

3. The Defense system:

a. Counter foreign substances, viruses, bacteria, etc; which is not required by the body to be removed.

4. Balance System:

a. Ensuring that all cells in the body and minerals are at appropriate levels; (not more and not less) according to the body's systems.

Therefore, when the immune system gets  energy  optimization and work in accordance with its duties, the body will be restructured and will return it in the original pattern of the body.

Time is also a key factor to restore your system to its original pattern and it will depend on the problems faced by the body as a whole system.

Chemotherapy kills cells that are in the process of splitting into 2 new cells. Body tissues are made of billions of individual cells. Once they are fully grown, most of the body's cells do not divide and multiply. They only divide if they need to repair damage. When cells divide they split into 2 identical new cells. So, where there was 1 cell, there are now 2 and then divide to make 4 and then 8 and so on.

In cancer, the cells keep on dividing until there is a mass of cells. This mass of cells becomes a lump - a tumor. Because cancer cells divide much more often than most normal cells, they are more likely to be killed by chemotherapy.

Some chemotherapy drugs kill dividing cells by damaging the part of the cell's control centre that makes it divide. Other chemotherapy drugs interrupt chemical processes involved in cell division.

Chemotherapy drugs that you have in these ways circulate all round the body in the bloodstream. It is inserted into the body to kill cancer cells. However, it will also kill normal cells and weaken our body, including our immune system. The white blood cells in the body will decrease, especially lymphocytes.

When the number of lymphocytes decreases, the body becomes very weak and easier to be infected with germs. A various selection of Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy in cancer treatments depend on the type of cancer that you are diagnosed with.

"Will radiotherapy kill cancer cells too? Like chemotherapy?"

Yes it will.

Radiotherapy is addressed to the place where the cancer is, BUT they also destroy normal body tissues around the cancer. 

In fact, the side effects patients undergoing chemotherapy is worse because it will be distributed throughout the body via a drip, thus leading to many side effects as it involves many systems in the body of an individual.