Monday, 14 September 2015


Alamtologi has a different methodologies and laws COMPARED to today's conventional science that is dominant in the world today.

The differences in legal and methodologies often made as a STOPPING point to accept something new by many conventional scientists. This is all because what they THINK is wrong, will always be wrong, but neither will they understand that the other party's understanding could be different than theirs and therefore this is what ALAMTOLOGI has to offer.

By finding the similarities between all these differences that we have been separating for many decades and understanding all the angles when you are trying to understand something or when you receive an information.

When you are learning about ALAMTOLOGI, you do not focus on one aspect only (which is done by CONVENTIONAL, we study science and that is all that we know of, and we study math, and that is all we will be good at), but there are more to bring on to the topic itself. For example, ONE of the "conventional" angle is not necessarily accepted by scientists of alamtologi because it does not cover everything that we have to know in every level of understandings, in ALAMTOLOGI.



1. Conventional: tabulate/announced that there are SOME HARMFUL MATTERS for the humans.

2. Alamtologi: NO HARMFUL matter in the law that applies as long as the content is ENOUGH/ DOES NOT EXCEED the body's needs.

That is:-

Conventional science stated:
There is a matter/element of danger and side effects to those who consumes it.

Example: -
1. AgNO3 (Silver Nitrate)
2. HCl (Hydro Chloric Acid)
3. H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide)
4. H2SO4
5. NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide / Soda Fire)
6. NH3 (Ammonia)
..... More .....

Alamtologi stated:

The matters above are REQUIRED by the human body's system as it helps smoothing the process and will adversely affect the body if one element/matter is missing from the cycle of the human body.

Alamtologi WILL NOT reject ANY MATTER/ELEMENT AS LONG AS THE RATE OF CONSUMPTION DOES NOT EXCEED THE AMOUNTS NEEDED BY THE HUMAN'S BODY. This means that we are looking onto the RATES of the consumption, rather than the matter/element as hazardous.

It is that simple, if you consume something (food) more than your stomach could handle, you will throw up. This also DOES NOT mean that the food taken is BAD, but its focusing on the intakes/ rates of consumption as a whole. Therefore, ALAMTOLOGI refused the LAW stated by conventional science that THERE ARE HAZARDOUS ELEMENTS/MATTERS.

Alamtologi none of which were created by the Creator is the human factor in direct relationship with the Creator. Onto calculations, the intersection between conventional scientists and scholars of alamtologi in looking at things unravel problems that exist in the environment around.


1. Conventional
1-1 = 0

2. Alamtologi
1-1 = 2

Once again, Alamtologi DO NOT DISCRIMINATE any scientists/researchers of many different areas, however it is of tolerance in cooperating in EFFORT (together)  by HELPING the universal community.

If there are DIFFERENCES occurring over again, BE FIRM ABOUT YOUR STATEMENT AND then we shall look onto the FACTS & PROOF of NATURAL/UNIVERSAL LAW that will indicate everything and not VIEWS or DOCTRINE which only focuses on dominant factor. Once a fact stated has its point and proofs considered, your views will not be taken as part of the process in clarification of statements anymore.

The information above are written in one of ALAMTOLOGI's books. To learn more about it, stay tuned for the upcoming posts, or visit Alamtologi Blogspot for the daily updates, or contact admin at