Thursday, 17 September 2015


ABA24 Hablur/ Crystal  acts as the basic energy element for immune system in the human body. The discipline of ALAMTOLOGI magnifies the coordination process and pattern of real immune system.

Thus, accurate energy proportion to the mechanism of immune factors in the body will allow optimal defense process. In other words, ALAMTOLOGI verifies that a balanced immune system is the cure to all diseases. Thus, by acknowledging the real pattern and process of this system, life-threatening diseases will not be existed anymore. 

ABA24 Hablur/ Crystal has the basic pattern of time signal and energy in immune system. It provides a balanced energy process for immune system to be awaken. Thus, it is never wronged that all diseases can be cured.

No one creates a lock without a key. So does disease.

ABA24 Hablur/ Crystal is fully made with a combination of natural resources of water, salt and sugar USING the formulation of ALAMTOLOGI

ABA24 Hablur/ Crystals is consumed by placing it under the tongue and left to melt on its own. A unique taste of sweet, salty, sour, or bitter will be different for each individual depending on their metabolism and the rate of acid or toxic ( poison ) in the body.

Why do we place it under our tongue?

This is because we want it to be absorbed in the blood by up to 90% more efficient to nerves quickly because there is a direct route mucous membrane capillaries ( blood vessels ) in addition to reducing the workload on of our body's systems.

If we follow the common way of consuming medicine, by swallowing; ABA24 Hablur/ Crystals will pass through the stomach acid and bile, then to the intestines, to the liver and eventually goes through various filtration. The absorption in the blood will also depends on the cleanliness of the intestine and absorption rate.

Therefore, by placing it under the tongue will intercept it all the way in order to carry out tasks quickly, and less systems/energy will be used for it to do its job.

Cells produced will form tissues and organs on a map or existing policy plan on Stem Cells in the bone marrow. Stem cells that are compatible with ABA24 hablur/crystal will be back regularly and in accordance with the pattern or the actual map of the body/systems.

ABA24 hablur/crystal will seep into the human body at the level of the policy of Stem Cells, and then blended with system of the human body's naturally.The resulting cells will form tissues and organs based on the existing structure of stem cells in the bone marrow. Once our body is compatible with ABA24 crystals and its processes, it will be back regularly and follow the right pattern thus making our immune system stronger to protect us from any diseases.