Monday, 6 June 2016


The problem arises when the immune system of a person is not at its optimum level to keep the body healthy and function normally as one system. This factor is caused by the leaking of energy in the immune system for it to do its work. The immune system has 4 tasks, namely cleaning, managing, defensing, and balancing.

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Sunday, 4 October 2015


Quantity plays a very important role in our body. It can never be too much or too little. Exact number, the right amount of cells/ blood/ food/ etc are needed, for it to work on its own, normally.
Cancer isn't a bad thing. We all have cancer cells in our body, however what determines more is the amount of it. As I have mentioned, less, more or MODERATE (normal). The right amount will give you the answer to your health condition.
When you have cancer, it means that your immune system is very weak. Lets say breast cancer, there's a lump here and there, that lump is actually excessive cancer cells and the skin interior that is already bruised / destroyed by that ONE particular amount of cancer cells that are either MORE or LESS than it should be.
Not many people have realised that Our immune system is the one that is CONTROLLING, MANAGING, DEFENSING, AND ALSO BALANCING the amount of every single thing in our body.

We have been told that OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM is just like a regular system in the body, and its job is only to protect us against diseases, but THE tasks are more than that. Therefore, when it has more tasks, MORE ENERGY IS NEEDED. Don't you all agree? 
THE QUESTION IS: WHY DO WE GET CANCER? Its the immune system. It is extremely weak that it could NOT DO the tasks I have mentioned earlier (control, manage, defense and balance) and it needs energy to be able to functions back normally. ABA24 HABLUR has been giving just that. Essential necessities for a man's life, water, sugar and salt. The signal patterning of ABA24 Hablur/ Crystal is based on ALAMTOLOGI's K24 Formula. Salt acts as a loose factor in the body system, while sugar acts as a merge factor. The process of salt in human body is negative.
Stem cell works in generating and regenerating of cell and tissues. If a human discovered to have injured organ that cannot regenerate, ABA24 HABLUR/Crystal helps to activate the system to work and balanced regeneration of cells and tissues could take place.


Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Previously on a recent post on ALAMTOLOGI Official Blogspot Account, a lot of information was revealed within just the disciplines of ALAMTOLOGI. As an audience, now you may see that ALAMTOLOGI doesn’t just implement its knowledge only for understanding of certain things, but the application of the understanding and mastering the concept is taken into consideration as well.

From the origin of MSC and human development system, a new system is developed to understand the functioning of immune system to fight against diseases. It is a new breakthrough in medical field that immune system can fight against anything if the correct energy signals are received by MSC. The mirroring system is very important in the body to control the balancing mechanism of humans’ nature pattern. One of the most outstanding developments in ALAMTOLOGI’s medical research is ABA24 Hablur/ Crystal.

Sugar, salt and water are used because it is related to the human body functioning of Loose Process (PL) and Merge Process (PG).

Human body's system consists of two local mechanisms, Cellular (SSI) and Chemical (SKI). This concept presents due to the existence of Master Stem Cell (STI) that evolved into Master Cellular Cell (SSI) and Master Chemical Cell (SKI). Body systems are controlled by contents of Sugar (GL) and Salt (GR). They are related with the energy rotation in KRONO of SSI and SKI. Energy signaling involved Loose Process (PL) and Merge Process (PG). 

GL and GR in human body works depend on PL & PG for one’s SSI and SKI. Insulin is a PG hormone responsible on merging energy elements from glucose into glycogen. Glucagon is a PL hormone responsible on loosen the energy elements of glycogen into glucose. KRONO mapping-signal allows the correct energy proportion of Somatostatin to be released. Its pattern alteration disturbs balancing; results Diabetes. 

From Diabetes, humans tend to get any kind of diseases. According to energy segregation calculation and RENYUK MASA, Diabetes is the main disease that has all the traits of other diseases. That is why patients with Diabetes tend to have heart problems, Central Nervous System (CNS) problems and many more in a long period. 

GL and GR concepts are the basic mechanisms of human signaling process to verify the balance factor in human nature pattern after all.  Cellular Diabetes Mellitus (DM) happens due to the imbalance process in the cells (GL controller–pancreas or vice versa). Currently, DM classified into Type1 and many other types. DM type1 deals anything regarding pancreas (autoimmune pancreatitis, infections& genetics), while other type regards to lacking insulin receptors and glucose transporters.

Chemical DM happens due to chemical imbalance (internal and external). Incorrect ingestion is main reason to having DM. Body cells originate from STI. It decides cell structures and human DNA. If it is altered, KRONO pattern changes too. It will eventually disturb PL and PG of human frequency system.

The processing system of ABA24 system to create a crystal is based on K24 Formula. The process of making this ABA24 Hablur applies all the system of human development explained earlier. The basic concept to the main mechanisms of each level development is applied in the rotation system of ABA24. The signal patterning for the ABA24 is calculated using table below.

Salt acts as a loose factor in the body system, while sugar acts as a merge factor. The process of salt in human body is negative. The red colored box in the center implies a negative process. According to WALA, it is an active process. The center or nucleus defines the dominant factor within a subject. Thus, this is salt pattern with negative process. Sugar is in contrast to salt. It is a positive process. Refer to the following patterns to observe the differences.

ABA24 applies this concept into making ABA24 Hablur so that a balance factor in human body could be verified. According to K24 Formula, Loose Process (PL) and Merge Process (PG) are the two main important factors to allow the balancing mechanism takes place in the body. Asas Modul ALAMTOLOGI (AMA) is the framework of the formula and how it relates to the PL and PG that eventually explains the connection salt and sugar.

Stem cell works in generating and regenerating of cell and tissues. If a human discovered to have injured organ that cannot regenerate, ABA24 system helps to activate MSC to work and balanced regeneration of cells and tissues could take place. Say kidney failures, and the final solution conventional has is replacement.

However, based on ALAMTOLOGI’s research, human actually has its own capabilities to produce its own tissues and organs dependent on the initial process of MSC. The MSC will differentiate itself into plasma cell to create blood cells, muscles, bones, and etc. Human body system could acts upon healing process naturally. The healing process is the factor of restructuring the energy pattern in human back to the nature pattern. MSC has to have a correct order or system to activate a balance mechanism.The process begins from ASAS (Basic) that is MSC and this signal will be sent to the antibody system to merge the loose organs or nerve or even tissues back again. ABA24 system works based on PEMETAAN (Mapping) that reflects mirroring process. It connects directly to the stem cell (MSC) affecting the main immune system. It doesn’t heal any injured organ or tissue or cell but it helps the main immune system to work in the body by restructuring based on nature pattern. When this process happens, the new cells will act on and complete the healing cycle process. The injured subjects will be placed right back to its original position. Therefore, no more imbalanced chemical process happens in the body system that will alter the nature pattern of human body. Understanding the basic structure and origin of human, problems could easily be solved. The following shows a comparison of the approach of conventional and ALAMTOLOGI to heal diseases.
KRONO degree mapping in ABA24 system 
The comparison is very clear to show the mechanism of ABA24 Hablur. The mapping of the ABA24 system applies KRONO with degree signaling in the body system.

ALAMTOLOGI is a discipline developed as a core knowledge development that uses nature as its main guidance. Books production and scientific evidences obtained through K24 Formula application strengthens the fact that ALAMTOLOGI is capable to be used as research and development knowledge in all fields.



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Monday, 28 September 2015


Problem arises when the immune system of a person is not at its optimum level to keep the body healthy and functions normally as a whole system. This factor is caused by the lacking of energy in the immune system for it to do its work. 

The immune system has 4 main tasks, namely:-

1. Cleaning System: 

a. To clean and remove dirt and foreign materials in the body, especially in the blood.

2. Management System: 

a. Manage and ensure the material to be removed from the body is channeled to the right place for the disposal processes.

b. Managing the distributions power to each body's system accordingly.

3. The Defense system:

a. Counter foreign substances, viruses, bacteria, etc; which is not required by the body to be removed.

4. Balance System:

a. Ensuring that all cells in the body and minerals are at appropriate levels; (not more and not less) according to the body's systems.

Therefore, when the immune system gets  energy  optimization and work in accordance with its duties, the body will be restructured and will return it in the original pattern of the body.

Time is also a key factor to restore your system to its original pattern and it will depend on the problems faced by the body as a whole system.

Chemotherapy kills cells that are in the process of splitting into 2 new cells. Body tissues are made of billions of individual cells. Once they are fully grown, most of the body's cells do not divide and multiply. They only divide if they need to repair damage. When cells divide they split into 2 identical new cells. So, where there was 1 cell, there are now 2 and then divide to make 4 and then 8 and so on.

In cancer, the cells keep on dividing until there is a mass of cells. This mass of cells becomes a lump - a tumor. Because cancer cells divide much more often than most normal cells, they are more likely to be killed by chemotherapy.

Some chemotherapy drugs kill dividing cells by damaging the part of the cell's control centre that makes it divide. Other chemotherapy drugs interrupt chemical processes involved in cell division.

Chemotherapy drugs that you have in these ways circulate all round the body in the bloodstream. It is inserted into the body to kill cancer cells. However, it will also kill normal cells and weaken our body, including our immune system. The white blood cells in the body will decrease, especially lymphocytes.

When the number of lymphocytes decreases, the body becomes very weak and easier to be infected with germs. A various selection of Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy in cancer treatments depend on the type of cancer that you are diagnosed with.

"Will radiotherapy kill cancer cells too? Like chemotherapy?"

Yes it will.

Radiotherapy is addressed to the place where the cancer is, BUT they also destroy normal body tissues around the cancer. 

In fact, the side effects patients undergoing chemotherapy is worse because it will be distributed throughout the body via a drip, thus leading to many side effects as it involves many systems in the body of an individual. 

Monday, 21 September 2015



ABA24 Hablur/ Crystal is fully made with a combination of natural resources of water, salt and sugar USING the formulation of ALAMTOLOGI. 

It is consumed by placing it under the tongue and left to melt on its own. Advisedly, to be taken thrice a day, morning, afternoon, and night. 

A unique taste of sweet, salty, sour, or bitter will be different for each individual depending on their metabolism and the rate of acid or toxic ( poison ) in the body.

This is because we want it to be absorbed in the blood by up to 90% more efficient to nerves quickly because there is a direct route mucous membrane capillaries ( blood vessels ) in addition to reducing the workload on of our body's systems.

If we follow the common way of consuming medicine, by swallowing; ABA24 Hablur/ Crystals will pass through the stomach acid and bile, then to the intestines, to the liver and eventually goes through various filtration. The absorption in the blood will also depends on the cleanliness of the intestine and absorption rate.

Therefore, by placing it under the tongue will intercept it all the way in order to carry out tasks quickly, and less systems/energy will be used for it to do its job.

Cells produced will form tissues and organs on a map or existing policy plan on Stem Cells in the bone marrow. Stem cells that are compatible with ABA24 hablur/crystal will be back regularly and in accordance with the pattern or the actual map of the body/systems.

ABA24 hablur/crystal will seep into the human body at the level of the policy of Stem Cells, and then blended with system of the human body's naturally.The resulting cells will form tissues and organs based on the existing structure of stem cells in the bone marrow. 

Once our body is compatible with ABA24 crystals and its processes, it will be back regularly and follow the right pattern thus making our immune system stronger to protect us from any diseases.


Healing process is also known as the "Herxheimer Reaction", which occurs when the body tries to eliminate toxins at a faster rate than they can be properly disposed of. The more toxic one's bodily systems are, the more severe the detoxification, or healing crisis. 

It is characterized by a temporary increase in symptoms during the cleansing or detox process which may be mild or severe. You may feel worse and therefore, conclude that the treatment is not working. 

But these reactions are instead signs that the treatment is working and that your body is going through the process of cleaning itself of impurities, toxins and imbalances.

Such reactions are temporary and can occur immediately — or within several days, or even several weeks, of a detox. 

Symptoms usually pass within 1-3 days, but on rare occasions can last several weeks. If you are suffering from a major illness, the symptoms you experience during the healing crisis may be identical to the disease itself. Sometimes discomfort during the healing process is of greater intensity than when you were developing the chronic disease. 


ABA24 crystal is consumed by placing UNDER the tongue to dissolve and it will interact with the body's enzymes on its own. The taste of sweet, salty, sour, bitter will be experienced for everyone who uses it, but it acts as a ' SIGNALS RATIO OF MINERAL ' possessed by each individual, thus it will be different for everyone.

The systems of the human body will start producing cells that are needed to counter the disease.

The body will start to diffuse/ reject any foreign/ unidentified/ excessive 'materials/pathogens/chemicals/dead cells' that is already in the body by showing symptoms like dizziness, nauseous , abdominal pain , rashes and fever.
If it happens to you, do not hesitate to drink a lot of plain water to help smoother the process for this stage.

In third stage, the foreign materials will be rejected out of our body, the signs of this stage is vomiting, diarrhea, nosebleeds, changes of the urine colour, and sweating.
The patients of ABA24 Crystals will be experiencing the healing symptoms called ABA 24 Crystal's Healing Process, which are mentioned above.
It indicates that the body is fighting the disease (REMOVING DEAD / DAMAGED CELLS) and foreign materials from the body such as toxins.
The time period usually lasts about ( 1-2 weeks ) varies according to the individual and the illness of the patients.

After going through the stages above, the system's in the human body will start to produce new cells for the affected organs or areas.
No more inbalanced materials, foreign or excessive; the human body's immune system will protect and take good cares of the body at its optimum level.