Sunday, 4 October 2015


Quantity plays a very important role in our body. It can never be too much or too little. Exact number, the right amount of cells/ blood/ food/ etc are needed, for it to work on its own, normally.
Cancer isn't a bad thing. We all have cancer cells in our body, however what determines more is the amount of it. As I have mentioned, less, more or MODERATE (normal). The right amount will give you the answer to your health condition.
When you have cancer, it means that your immune system is very weak. Lets say breast cancer, there's a lump here and there, that lump is actually excessive cancer cells and the skin interior that is already bruised / destroyed by that ONE particular amount of cancer cells that are either MORE or LESS than it should be.
Not many people have realised that Our immune system is the one that is CONTROLLING, MANAGING, DEFENSING, AND ALSO BALANCING the amount of every single thing in our body.

We have been told that OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM is just like a regular system in the body, and its job is only to protect us against diseases, but THE tasks are more than that. Therefore, when it has more tasks, MORE ENERGY IS NEEDED. Don't you all agree? 
THE QUESTION IS: WHY DO WE GET CANCER? Its the immune system. It is extremely weak that it could NOT DO the tasks I have mentioned earlier (control, manage, defense and balance) and it needs energy to be able to functions back normally. ABA24 HABLUR has been giving just that. Essential necessities for a man's life, water, sugar and salt. The signal patterning of ABA24 Hablur/ Crystal is based on ALAMTOLOGI's K24 Formula. Salt acts as a loose factor in the body system, while sugar acts as a merge factor. The process of salt in human body is negative.
Stem cell works in generating and regenerating of cell and tissues. If a human discovered to have injured organ that cannot regenerate, ABA24 HABLUR/Crystal helps to activate the system to work and balanced regeneration of cells and tissues could take place.