Monday, 24 August 2015


ABA24 Crystal is a new breakthrough in healthcare system. It is an ongoing research that have been done for the more than 25 years. ABA24 Crystal is classified under food category by Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM). It is not a cure machine to any kind of diseases. However, technical application of a new mathematical discipline allows ABA24 Crystal to act as the basic energy element for immune system in the human body. The discipline of ALAMTOLOGI magnifies the coordination process and pattern of real immune system. Accurate energy proportion to the mechanism of immune factors in the body will allow optimal defense process. In other words, ALAMTOLOGI verifies that a balanced immune system is the cure to all diseases. Thus, by acknowledging the real pattern and process of this system, life-threatening diseases will not be existed anymore. ABA24 Cyrstal has the basic pattern of time signal and energy in immune system. It provides a balanced energy process for immune system to be awaken. Thus, it is never wronged that all diseases can be cured. No one creates a lock without a key. So does disease. 
Numbers of chronic patients have applied ABA24 Crystal hoping that it may change their lives. Amazingly, cases like breast cancer, diabetes, bone cancer, paralyzed, coma, asthma, accidents and many others have managed to be cured. Once again, it is not ABA24 Crystal curing them, it is the awaken immune system that works according to the main process of time and energy in human body. ABA24 Crystal wakes up the immune system in coordination to magnify the value of human body.

Below are some of the testimonies.